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Some of the Benefits of joining BRINA will be:

Saving money on care staff: We understand Care staff cost is a big issue and most of the CH managers face this challenge on a daily basis. BRINA can help save you a significant amount of money. Our innovative method has proven to be effective in helping people with dementia stay independent for longer, which means they need less help with their daily routine.

Improving Care Quality Commision feedback ratings: The higher the CQC rating, the higher the demand. With BRINA's cutting edge research put into practice, we can offer ongoing support, training and supervision from a multidisciplinary team of dementia experts and cognitive training therapists. BRINA can provide all that and contribute significantly to your staff development and job satisfaction. CQC would approve of our unique person-centred approach and carefully designed well-controlled system of activities.

Boosting your turnover through innovation:

Owning something original and unique would give you a competitive advantage over other care providers. Eventually all care providers will include brain training in their standard practice. All the care providers who have introduced our brain training sessions in their standard care have experienced a 20% increase of demand every year, this is without any marketing involved. Our participants and their relatives were so happy with the outcome which resulted in increasing referrals. We are offering a service that is innovative, truly person centred and of proven effectiveness.

Increase relatives engagement- participation:

It is well-known that engaging relatives and increasing their participation can be a challenge these days. However, BRINA can provide support to the relatives of residents by running support groups, which will enable you to improve your relationships and increase your participation rates. They will feel supported every step of the way, which is also likely to increase your CQC rating and generate more referrals as well.

Improve your staff's knowledge and skills

The latest research has revealed that only 44% of people with dementia in the UK receive a diagnosis. People working in the Care Industry and those delivering activity sessions should have the opportunity to receive training and support in order to understand behaviour and assess cognitive skills. Imagine if your activity coordinators were qualified to do these assessments, and were also able to interpret the results themselves. Care staff will receive the best support and supervision by cognitive training therapists and experts in dementia.

They will be trained to use our tools and identify the first signs of depression, memory loss and cognitive decline. They will be able to communicate these symptoms to the GP effectively and contribute to residents receiving a diagnosis earlier. Moreover, they will be able to design truly person centered activities themselves.

Due to the fact that we have such a great reputation for quality services, thousands of clients have entrusted us to provide our services to their relatives or their residents in Europe. BRINA is an award winning, highly experienced multidisciplinary team of scientists with a deep passion for finding ways to fight against dementia. Our team have been working with Alzheimer's Disease Association in Greece for 20 years, offering our services free for the first 10 years and receiving EU funding for the other 10 years. We care about people, not about profit. Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience, as well as research findings to help towards preventing dementia and delaying its progress.

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BRINA’s programs are very popular in Europe. The relatives of people with dementia are extremely interested in effective non pharmacological interventions to help their loved ones, to maintain their independence for the longest time possible and delay the course of the disease.


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