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Dr Kounti (Cognitive Psychologist), with other health professionals (neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses) and carers of patients with dementia, founded the Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders Association in Greece. The team provided: 1) Education on dementia to the public and to other health care professionals 2) Assessment and non pharmacological therapy for the patients with dementia 3) Support groups for their relatives.


Dr Kounti designed the first non pharmacological therapy in Greece aiming to improve the cognitive and functional skills of the elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment and elderly with mild dementia. Her vision was to offer these people the opportunity to maintain their cognitive skills and fight against the progression of the disease.


More than twenty different cognitive training and cognitive stimulation programs were designed by Dr Kounti and her team. BRINA’s scheme of brain training is the most effective combination of those.
They have been widely used in the day care centres ran by the Greek Alzheimer Association in order to help a great number of the elderly with subjective memory complaints, Mild Cognitive Impairment and mild dementia. All have attended these programmes and achieved positive outcomes.


The effectiveness of our cognitive training programmes has been assessed and presented in several international conferences winning multiple awards as the 'best research project'. Our scheme of brain training and the results of our research have been published in various scientific journals.


Dr Kounti and her team of scientists have given lectures on dementia to graduate and post graduate students, to health care professionals (nurses, social workers, physicians etc) and to the public. The team has also designed and conducted high quality professional training in order to expand staff knowledge and educate the carers on dementia and cognitive rehabilitation.


BRINA’s scheme is very popular in Europe. The relatives of patients with dementia are extremely interested in effective non pharmacological ways in order to help their loved ones and to maintain their independancy for the longest time possible and to delay the course of the disease. They are very excited about the positive impact of BRINA’s scheme and the number of participants increases dramatically every year.

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BRINA’s programs are very popular in Europe. The relatives of people with dementia are extremely interested in effective non pharmacological interventions to help their loved ones, to maintain their independence for the longest time possible and delay the course of the disease.


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